The Shawn "D" B.U.G. Club


The Shawn D B.U.G. Club, (the Bring Up your Grades Club) was founded in 1991 by Shawn "D" in an effort to support our youth and to encourage them to love school, maintain good grades or improved grades, listen to their teachers and parents and to stay out of trouble.  Shawn "D" wanted to find a fun way to show students that someone was proud of their accomplishments in school and at home.  So, the B.U. G. Club was born. This club is open to all students Kindergarten through 8th grade. Each student can continue to send us their report card every grading period provided they continue to meet the criteria below. Each student has several chances to get something free from Shawn "D' and the B.U.G. Club.

How do you become a member of the B.U.G. Club? Here's how:

1. You simply have to have a report card with grades of at least a "C" average... No "D's" or "F's" are accepted. IF you are in Kindergarten and letter grades aren't given, checks and check plusses are okay.

2. You MUST listen to your parents and teachers, stay out of trouble and continue to do well in school.

3. Then you have your parent or guardian sign off on the report card letting us know that you have abided by all the criteria.

4. Then you have your parent or guardian mail us a signed copy of your report card to the following address:

Shawn D

P.O. Box 2183

Bloomington, IN 47402

5. Once we receive your report card, we will send you something FREE in the mail. It's that simple!!!


How can you help support the B.U.G. Club? Here's how:

You can purchase a Shawn "D" t-shirt from Amazing Music.  Each t-shirt is $25.00 with free shipping.  All t-shirts are either size L (large) or XL (extra large) depending on inventory available at the time of purchase. Design of t-shirts varies with inventory as well.

How do I buy a Shawn "D" t-shirt?

Simply click the paypal link below to purchase your t-shirt. Each t-shirt is $25.00 with free shipping. Please leave your name, address and phone number in the "message" section of the paypal page. All proceeds from the sales of the Shawn "D" t-shirts goes to fund the B.U.G. Club and enables us to buy gifts such as school supplies, CD's, cameras, basketballs, etc., in order to make kids happy. Thank you in advance for your support.