Don't let your correspondence go unanswered

In order to establish a working relationship with you, our future Client, at Amazing Music DJ, Photography & Video, our policy is to have an initial correspondence by telephone. We feel that in the first phone call, we can offer the most help to you by having an open and productive conversation about your event. Therefore, we request that all potential Clients make that initial phone call to us in order to discuss the details of their event including services offered, pricing information and date availability. We cannot give information over the internet or in an email or text. If you email or text  us without making that important first phone call, unfortunately, we will not respond to your email request for information. We must first establish a  relationship through an initial phone call. 

Please be reassured that once we have established a working relationship with you through our initial phone call, we welcome your phone calls, emails and texts thereafter.



1. Your venue MUST be booked before you call us. We will call and confirm with the venue.

2. If you are just calling around for prices, we are not the cheapest, but we are the BEST!! Our goal is to make your event AMAZING and UNFORGETTABLE!!


Feel free to call us at 812.391.4861 when inquiring about any of our services. Please have the following information available and ready to give us when we speak:

  1. Your Full Name

  2. Your phone number

  3. The date you are interested in booking

  4. The services you are interested in booking (DJ? Photographer? Video? Photo Booth?)

  5. What is your budget? (For DJ? Photography? Video? Photo Booth?)

  6. The approximate time you are needing our services

  7. The name of the location (or venue) for your event

  8. The name & phone number of the Banquet Manager (or Event Manager) that you have booked your venue with

  9. How were you referred to us? Please leave person's full name and phone number. We want to thank them for the referral.

To make sure that we are available to work together, we will review your information and call the venue to confirm that your event is booked. Then we will return a phone call to you as soon as possible to discuss the details of your event.

To book our services, we do require full payment up front along with a signed contract for the services that you are booking with us.  No date or services are considered booked until this occurs.  We accept personal checks, Cashier's checks, money orders, cash and credit card payments. Be aware that there are additional processing fees added when paying by credit card.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to working with you soon.