DJShawnD Tshirts


How do I buy a Shawn "D" t-shirt?

Simply click the paypal link below to purchase your t-shirt. Each t-shirt is $25.00 with free shipping. Please leave your name, address and phone number in the "message" section of the paypal page. All proceeds from the sales of the Shawn "D" t-shirts goes to fund the B.U.G. Club and enables us to buy gifts such as school supplies, CD's, cameras, basketballs, etc., in order to make kids happy. Thank you in advance for your support.


How can you help support the B.U.G. Club? Here's how:

You can purchase a Shawn "D" t-shirt from Amazing Music.  Each t-shirt is $25.00 with free shipping.  All t-shirts are either size L (large) or XL (extra large) depending on inventory available at the time of purchase. Design of t-shirts varies with inventory as well.