Mazel Tov and L'chaim to Kate and Jeremy!!!

05/25/2015 13:56

Congratulations and Good Luck to Kate and Jeremy on their new lives together.

We had an amazing time with Kate, Jeremy and their families. What great people!!! Everyone was ready to party, dance and have a great time from the moment they got to the reception to the very last dance. There was not one person sitting down at this party!!! Everyone even had a great time with our photo booth, capturing fun memories for Kate and Jeremy. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did. We cannot wait for those grandchildren!!! Shawn is a great name for a girl or a boy!! :) Mazel Tov and L'chaim!! Cheers to you, congratulations and we wish you nothing but luck and great fortune in your wonderful, bright future together!!!! Lots of love sent your way from us!! Enjoy the photos below. For video from the event, click HERE.