Back to School and Shopping For A Cause at Macy's with Shawn D

08/24/2014 14:36

Back to School at Macy's with Shawn D


Shawn D and Macy's together again for a great cause. Together we welcomed back all the students with open arms for the new school year as well as raised money for the March of Dimes with the Shop For A Cause campaign. Shoppers purchased a Shopper's Pass for all day savings at Macy's. All proceeds were donated to the March of Dimes. Bloomington Macy's at College Mall was top in the district for Shopping Pass sales and had an incredible amount of proceeds donated to the March of Dimes. What a great feeling to not only celebrate the Back to School season but also to give back to a very worthy cause. Thanks to everyone that came out in support of our event and a special Thank You to David and the entire staff of Macy's and the March of Dimes. Everyone went above and beyond their duty at this event and it was an absolute success. Job well done.