3rd Annual Nicole Safe Heaven Foundation Bike Ride

06/28/2015 14:08

Nicole Safe Heaven Foundation  Bike Ride Event a Success!!!

Here we are once again for the 3rd annual Bike Ride. This fundraiser event grows and grows with each year. I want to thank Vickie and everyone else that participated this year. It was a complete success!! Each year, Vickie's foundation reaches more and more people. This year, Vickie announced that the Foundation was able to help 15 families. What a Blessing. For more information and to find our how you can become a part of this Foundation's wonderful team, go to https://www.nicolesafeheavenfoundation.com/. Thanks again to everyone, and Vickie... we love you. Can't wait to see everyone again next year. Nicole would be SO PROUD!!! Enjoy the photos from the day's events: