Shawn D and Amazing Music Give Back To Bloomington

09/04/2013 11:59

Shawn D and Amazing Music Give Back to the Bloomington Community


Shawn D and Amazing Music prides itself in our philanthropic ventures and our efforts to help our community. Since the new school year is upon us, we gathered a bunch of school supplies and made a donation to Head Start courtesy of Amazing Music's B.U.G. Club (The Bring Up your Grades Club). The B.U.G. Club was established over 15 years ago as a way to help kids stay motivated to keep their grades up, stay in school, listen to their parents and stay away from drugs and alcohol. Kids kindergarten through 8th grade can send us a signed copy of their report card with grades no lower than "C's" or "Passing" and become an official member of our B.U.G. Club. As an official member of the B.U.G. Club, the student can send us their report card every grading period. As a way of saying "Job Well Done!!" in turn Amazing Music will send the student a prize for their hard work. It could be a CD, coloring books, school supplies, etc... whatever we have in our prize closet. We feel that education is the key to success and we want the next generation of kids and all generations of kids that follow to get a great education and be successful in life. For more information about the B.U.G. Club go to our   homepage  . For more information about Head Start and how you can help, go to our Outside Links, or visit their website here and their Facebook page here. We thank the Director of Head Start Blakely Clements, and the entire staff for all the work they do with the kids in our community. We say to you... "Job Well Done!!!!